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What’s your PH?

I always say ” Each time you put something in your body you change it’s whole chemical composition.”  And I can tell people are smiling inside ;c)

This is an interesting video clip from Wellness Works about your PH.    1.13 – pH – Foundation of Wellness / Wellness Works


Be well.


Healthy eating habits to lose weight.

If you are working out with me to lose weight, I strongly suggest you to change your eating habits the healthy way.

It has been clinically demonstrated that weight loss exceeding 2-5 pounds per month results in losing more lean muscle mass than body fat. In order to lose the most body fat and the least muscle mass, I strongly encourage you to lose the weight slowly, limiting your weight loss to only 5 pounds per month. Believe me, it is hard enough like that.

Breaking bad habits is hard. Start with the first exercise the first week then add the second one the second week and so on… This will make it easier to get use to changes.

 Week # 1 – Keep a Diary.  Keep track of what you eat. “It’s easy to eat too much when nobody’s watching”.  I recommend –  – or something similar. You’ll be able to use the data to perfect your diet later.

Week # 2 – Cease eating after 7:00 PM. (If you get up around 7am.) This is to give your digestive system a chance to rest for 12 hours. And most importantly, the calories you are consuming late at night will not be burned as you sleep. “If you don’t burn them, you’ll store them.”

Week # 3 – Drink a minimum of 10 x 8-ounce of water during the day. Losing weight is a lot about elimination. This will help you flush your body.

Week # 4 – Minimize hunger, no-starve periods. Do not go below 1,500 calories per day. Obviously, how much you eat is very important. Not too much of course, but not too little either. Or you will loose muscle mass. Without muscle mass, you simply cannot burn the fat. You should have enough data in your diary by now to set your limits.

Week # 5 – Reduce current carbohydrate intake by 50%. Increase vegetable and fruit intake by 25%. Listen to your mother, she was right. Mine always said: “… Don’t eat so much bread… , …Finish your vegetables…“ By doing so you reduce your calories and increase you nutrients intake. I suggest you to refer to the Food Guide Asian or Mediterranean Pyramid and Dietary Guidelines for help.

Very important note on carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are essential in human nutrition. There are vital nutrients found only in carbohydrates. They are good for you. Moderation is the key.

Week # 6 – Give preference to salt-water and cold-water fish, over red meat and dairy byproducts. We need protein, specially when we exercise to build muscles to burn fat. Red meat and dairy byproduct are just not the best to lose weight.

Week # 7 – This is the hardest oneAvoid man-made fats. TFA – Trans Fatty Acids – also know as partially or completely hydrogenated vegetable fats are found in almost all processed food. The human body has a terrible time to get ride of it.

Week # 8 – Everybody like this one. No calorie restriction for a week. But!!! You still keep your good habits and eat healthily. After a week, you start back at 1500 calories a day for three (3) weeks and take a break in calorie restriction again and so on…

The closer you come to adhering to these guidelines the greater success in loosing weight the healthy way you will have. Trust me on this. Start now.